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News from the Shed - End of year check in!

So we have reached the end of the year, and what a year it has been. Looking back 12 months, I was a hobbyist constrained to about 10 creative hours a week wishing for more time and definitely deeper knowledge. I was searching for a way to document any learnings, trying to get organised enough to finish a few life study pieces, and tick the box marked “organised chaos”.

Little did I know that I would make the shift from hobbyist to artist. I left my career of 30 years, I commenced studying a Diploma of Ceramics at Hornsby TAFE NSW, and am now settling into a life with clay. I am a finalist of the Eden Unearthed Exhibition, it is my first body of work and a site responsive installation, which is on exhibition until April 2023. It has been a year of transition and learning diving into a completely different way of life, and I am looking forward to finding a rhythm with my studio practice in 2023.

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

The “organised chaos” box remains unticked, and my life study pieces are progressed but not finished… there are still a few weeks to go before the calendar clicks over to the new year, so I better head back to the shed and get stuff done.

By the way, I have made some changes to my website, so feel free to take another wander around. You will see that I am setting up a shop and will start to sell some of my work next year. If there is anything you are interested in please reach out.

Before closing out this year, I want to express my thanks to my hubby, furkids, friends, teachers, and all those who have supported and contributed to my life this year.

I end this year in balance and with a sense of purpose leaning into 2023.


Remembering the start...

Artist Profile 9th Nov 2021

Clay is my peaceful place, away from the excitement and pressures of life, a place where I can breathe, explore and evolve. I feel a humble connection to our earth, inspired by the elements, creatures great and small, and amazing people I meet along the way.

The Clay Effect is about my pilgrimage as a sculptor and all things clay.

My first encounter with clay was in 2007, when I came across a charming cherubic statuette that was beyond my budget. After many visits to this quirky homeware store just to see this bathing beauty, it was suggested to me that I could make one for half the price. I found myself following Nancy, the willowy blonde shop assistant, out to the back of shop to meet the artist Jane, and booking in to create my very own chubby clay gal in a bathing suit.

From that moment I was hooked. I did not know it back then, it was love at first touch, and I have been on an incredible journey ever since. Flying by the seat of my pants, I have grown as a sculptor through experiential learning, taking on new challenges, high fiving the occasional success and embracing everything else, developing a range of skills as I learn how to complete a piece from idea to reality. ​

Given progress over perfection, I am a proficient life study sculptor, believing that it is the foundation of a sculptor’s technical training, where we learn to “see” and develop the dexterity to translate our sight to form.

I have discovered the unlikely partnership of clay and plaster through piece-mould making, solving the dilemma of replication and repetition when trying to successfully fire one’s work. Currently, I am exploring colour and texture, finding my way with glaze alchemy, and learning lessons from the kiln with each firing.

As I continue to learn and grow as a sculptor and ceramicist, the Clay Effect brings together all the elements of my journey, my passion and vision into the next stage of my life as an Artist.

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