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Shaping Clay

Explore learning options

Image by Karen Maes

Embrace your creativity

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Mould Making for clay 

Jomon style pot, sculptural vessel close

Something personal for you

Shed Sessions

Sharing knowledge is such a joy!

Want to work with clay and develop your skills in Mel's studio?   Depending on your needs, you can...

The groups are small  (4 max), so you get great support, space to work,  dedicated storage and a joyful workspace.   Feel free to check out our studio handbook. 


Tap into a learning experience with Mel, exploring clay, hand building and sculptural ceramics.  Together, we start with the end in mind, depending on your own personal goals and creative style, considering clay and  finishing options for your  functional and decorative pieces.    

Skill Sessions

Engage, experience and enlighten.  Find your independence.

If you have :

  • no experience with clay and making

  • some experience and wanting a refresher

  • a desire to learn through making a piece

  • an interest in learning hand building techniques and working with clay

Access to :

  • step by step support

  • practice through making

  • clay required for the skill session

  • tools and templates as required 

  • flexibility to swap to monthly studio if places available

  • 10% discount for returning clients

Monthly Fee $300.00 Includes :

  • 4 x 3hr sessions

  • focused tuition on specific technique offered

  • specific projects to complete 

  • option to keep the completed clay piece 

  • The Clay Effect finishes relevant to the project

  • firing service relevant to the project

Not Included :

  • firing services, Bisque and Glaze mid-fire

  • The Clay Effect finishes (slips to glazes)

  • personal tool kit set up

Monthly Studio

Support, space and storage. Find your rhythm.

If you have :

  • some experience with clay and making

  • a project you would like to complete

  • a desire to create your own ceramic piece 

  • an interest in support regarding hand building and the ceramics process

Access to :

  • space to create, dry, and decorate your work

  • 45L Tub to store your clay, work in progress and tools

  • a small range of tools as required

  • studio equipment as required

  • flexibility to swap to skill sessions if spaces available

  • 10% discount for returning clients

Monthly Fee $300.00 includes :

  • 4 x 3 hour weekly sessions, same day, same time

  • hand building and sculptural support as required

  • 5kg clay (1/2 bag of clay) from Clay Effect stock

  • The Clay Effect finishes (slips to glazes)

  • 1 x  bisque and 1 x midfire glaze firing for studio completed pieces maximum 5kgs

Not included :

  • Additional firing services, Bisque, Glaze mid-fire, and re-firing $15/kg

  • Special order clays

  • Specialty one off glazes

  • Personal tool kit set up

1:1 Session

Problem solving, perspective and possibility. Find your flow.

Hourly Rate $80.00

Mel offers hourly sessions to individuals who are seeking additional support regarding their creative development, project planning and execution,  beloved works disaster recovery,  and all clay matters.  Please reach out using the Contact Us form below, or contact Mel on 0438 161 213.


What we offer

Plaster mould making is a wonderful way to open up creative possibilities.  From a plaster mould, you can repeat a clay piece numerous times to explore colour and surface, and allow yourself to create new or alter existing forms using cast component parts from an existing piece.  Clay replication is simply about the craft of making and exploration using plaster as a tool. 


The Clay Effect offers a basic and traditional hand-crafted service of plaster mould making for clay replication of sculptural form.  The plaster moulds, even though they have their own life cycle, are made for repeat use via press and/or slip cast methods.

Please note:  This method of plaster mould making is not suitable for mass production or items requiring meticulous engineering precision. 

Plaster Mould, for slip casting.jpeg
Plaster Mould, Slip cast objects.jpeg

From their hands to ours...

The craft of replication through mould making has existed for thousands of years using a range of inventive methods and materials.  The use of clay and plaster (in its historical formats), date back as early as 3000 B.C where Egyptians copied the faces of the deceased, followed by the Greeks and Romans copying statues and other antiquities.   Much later, around the 15th century during the Renaissance period, there was a revival and further development of clay and plaster usage for sculptural and relief creation and replication.  Today, replication happens at a whole other level with the introduction of technology and industry…. Although the fundamental principles remain unchanged.

For more information please go to FAQ’s Mould Making or reach out using the Contact Us form, both are at the bottom of the Web Page.


If you totally love our pieces and style, although you are looking for something more personalised for your space, we are open to discussing a commission  with  you.

Reach out using the Contact Us form below.  

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