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2023 End of year check in

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Reflecting on the past year, my life has changed so much and I have so much to celebrate.  The end of year check in is the gift of hindsight and reminds me this journey is certainly not a solo expedition. I am so grateful for and love the amazing people who share this life with me.


Completing a Diploma of Ceramics at Hornsby TAFE


ceramic faces sagger fired
Wisdom. Creative and Logic

This is the big one.  My 2nd year was an amazing learning experience, all the 1st year confusion and overwhelm dissipated as all the learnings became options.  I love the themed work and ongoing finishing exploration.  The greatest highlight was discovering the joy of saggar firing and the alchemy of the natural elements.  I also found a path to abstraction through plaster mould making, reframing it as a creative partner.  My end of year work was different and exciting to me.  I even sold several pieces at our end of year exhibition, and then a couple over the summer break.


Becoming an artist in my own right

bird flying out of its cage

Giving myself permission to be more than one thing, even though it may not fit a specific visual art specialty. I remember as a younger sculptor, because of my obsession with clay and the finishing process, I was named a ceramicist.  During my time within the ceramic’s community, because of my passion for life study, I was named a sculptor.  Funny thing, it turns out they are both right... I am both, a sculptor and a ceramicist! 


Redesigning my studio space


My happy place has always been a space of organised chaos. The more I do, the messier I seem to get.  Realising that I want to build momentum and create plentifully in my studio, some things had to change.  The additional space was already there, most of it was just cluttered with stuff.  Bravely, and with relief at times, I cleaned out items that I had not used in the last two years and was not included in my plan for this year.  There is something to be said for letting things go to allow new things in.


Website development and setting up a shop


This has been the most challenging task of all to develop and stick with.  I often feel silly having creating something which I consider to be a future requirement, as I spend a lot of my time thinking I am not ready.  Honestly, I still don’t think I am ready, BUT... I am prepared as my business evolves and grows.  My website averages 13 new visitors a month, and some return for another look.  Recently, I received a couple of enquires, nothing translating to activity yet, giving me the chance to refine communications.  I am thankful for the practice. 


BTW, my shop is ready and has a few items for sale, view via this link      

So, what’s in store for this year?


I have a number of adventures to look forward to.  From a make perspective, I will continue to consolidate my learnings from last year and work on both functional and sculptural projects.  I intend to enter a few art prizes and exhibitions, try a market or two, and continue my learning at TAFE.  From a learning perspective, I am taking a mix of intermediate and open studio classes to deepen my capability on the pottery wheel and explore altered designs. 


To stay updated, you can join me on Instagram and Facebook @theclayeffectstudio, or pop over to my website and head to the page footer to subscribe.

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