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The Crackpot cup competition

Project type

Non functional cups


November 2021


Cyber cup H cm x W cm x D cm, Zenobia Chalice H cm x W cm x D cm,

The Crackpot cup competition

White Raku clay, glazes, mid fired

Additional Info

Cyber Cup. I asked myself one question “How do I feel about our future?”   Utilitarian, was the thought that came to mind.  We cannot continue on our current trajectory of excessive consumer gratification and waste is our demise, mother nature is not going to allow it.  Our future depends on balance, a delicate balance between the preservation of ourselves and our Earth.  Cyber cup reflects our current dichotomy, self-care versus Earth care.  They are one and the same, yet we treat them differently and choose one at the expense of the other. 

Zenobia Chalice. The cup is a derivative of an unfinished larger piece, which was made on a whim without an end game in mind.   A mythical challenge offered an opportunity to modify an existing piece and take a different view of Zenobia’s story.  I explored the concept of Zenobia being a vessel, a cultured leader, a shrewd ruler, and great heroine... a cup filled by her duty and love for her people and lands.  The stem of the cup is her neck with her hair wrapped and knotted around it symbolising her Roman adversaries and final demise.

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