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Good Morning

Project type

Life study in clay


February 2023


H18cm x W36cm x D20cm

Good Morning

Stoneware / Earthenware blend

Additional Info

This was my first life study opportunity with a male model. I look forward to something different each intensive workshop, and was quite chuffed having a male model to work with. His presence was peaceful and calming, and his eyes were kind. The workshop went well and at the end of our 16 hours I had a well progressed piece.

Unfortunately, things did not continue as planned, the more I worked on it the more frustrated and detached I became with this sculpture. Even though the pose is an excellent anatomical experience, I was struggling to connect with the pose. I kept thinking… what is he actually doing, who would sit like that really, does the observer need to see every intimate detail?

These unanswered questions left this lovely body on a shelf wrapped in plastic for a year. I finally put him back on the bench for one last try. Deciding to let this piece go, a coffee break was in order before I throw the clay in the recycle bin.

As I return to my shed, there he was looking at me, I smiled and said good morning.

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