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Project type

Life study in clay


October 2020


H10cm x W40cm x D23cm


Stoneware / Earthenware blend

Additional Info

Letting go of unfinished work is not a strength of mine, I prefer to give pieces time before I make any tough decisions.  Time can be a wonderful gift for both myself and my clay work. Time offers perspective, other experiences and practice which prepares me for the next stage of a piece’s life.  Time also creates distance making a recycling option a little easier if necessary.   

This piece, of a model who was just 4 months pregnant at the time, was tucked away on a shelf out of the way so she did not get damaged.  Unfortunately, out of site out of mind, when I rediscovered this little treasure the clay was bone dry and she was cracked and broken in a few places. It is a great pleasure to uncover old work and see new possibilities.  I found the process of restoration and rediscovery extremely cathartic and peaceful.

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