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May 2024




Red White Raku Blend, glazes, mid fired

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Suffocation brings attention to the impact of excessive consumption of single use items on our planet.  This rubbish may not be washing up on our shores, but parts of the world are literally suffocating in our single use waste. Our creatures on land, air and sea, are suffocating and dying.  Frans Lanting, a renowned wildlife photographer, describes the albatross as an ambassador of our ecosystem because in many ways they live parallel lives to ours. If we continue our careless consumption, their future will eventually become ours within our lifetime.


We can see that recycling as a solution is not working. Capacity and capability for recycling is insufficient globally and requires additional resources in itself. But the power to change is in each and everyone of us. It is conversation where consumption reduction is key. As individuals we have the power to make changes in our habits. There is hope.   

Collection and Product Photography by @lilamarvell

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