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Omo Valley life study

Project type

Life Study


2012 - 2017


Aseri H cm x W cm x D cm, Nataye H cm x W cm x D cm, Mulu H cm x W cm x D cm, Sara H cm x W cm x D cm, Tareqe H cm x W cm x D cm

Omo Valley life study

Tareqe Bronze. Others - Plaster & acrylic paint

Additional Info

This series of sculptures came from two sources, a wonderful photography book “People of the OMO Valley” by Hans Silvester and a website photography project “The Omo Valley” by Joey L (  I did not know it then, as sculpture was a stress relieving hobby, but this body of work determined my future with clay and ceramics.  


Back then, I created my clay piece and then handed it over to others to cast into another material.  Aside from the cost to pay for a mould and your piece to be cast (in plaster), I lost my sense of continuity with the work and never learnt to complete a piece end to end.  The only finishing option for plaster, familiar and safe to me, was to copy a bronze surface finish using acrylic paints.  The one piece completed in bronze was a fabulous experience, and is absolutely stunning, but was a very expensive exercise for me.


These pieces tell the story of my sculptural development, starting with a few busts before attempting my first full body sculpture.  I am still emotionally attached to these pieces, they are part of our home life... I love them wArts and all!

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