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You only get One

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TAFE EOY Exhibition


November 2023



 You only get One


Additional Info

Artist Statement - You only get one.


As a sculptor and ceramicist, I have a deep passion for the human form and its connection to our earth.  I love the simplicity of the tools and materials I work with.  My work is a continuation of the sculptors, mould makers and ceramic artisans who came before me, crafts passed from one hand to another, for the making of beautiful objects, and the expression of gratitude and joy.


This year I have explored a range of processes and finishes where I have allowed the unexpected to occur, experimenting with sagar firings in my small pieces and the auras, leaving alchemy to bring all the elements together, and leave their lasting impressions.


The main body of work explores our dichotomy between our perceived resilience and our unaccepted fragility.  We expect everything to be resilient.  Our bodies, nature, environment, and our earth, are required to simply bounce back no matter what we do to them.  This is not sustainable.  How do we find balance and connection between resilience and fragility, as they are two sides of the same coin?


The figurative forms express this imbalance through an environmental lens of drought, hibernation and altitude. Allergies and skin conditions, fatigue and depression, anxiety and hypertension, these are all common ailments of today.  These ailments also expressed by our planet, the physical devastation of lands and water ways, mother nature’s inability to recover due to changing environmental conditions, and her reaction unleashing extreme weather events.


The abstract aura’s, represent a restorative ambiance suggesting a new-found alignment between resilience and fragility through our ability to self-care, heal and prosper.   We can embrace our vulnerabilities and limitations, we could even fix some things we have broken, and consider how we can take better care of ourselves and our Earth. 

After all, we only get one.  One body.  One planet.

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