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Sculptural Planter.

This is a hand made one off unique sculpture that can be used as a planter pot for both inside and outside your home. The inside of the pot is sealed by a fired glazed surface so water does not seep into the ceramic surface. Water collections pots are available and sold separately to encourage water recycling and to reduce the risk of water damage to the surface they live on.


I sang my favourite song to the forest.

The creatures danced and the trees rustled.

In that moment the forest was happy…

And sang back to me.


Materials: Reclaym (custom material made from clay and glaze waste) and glazes. Mid-fired

Pot volume : 1.5 cups (350mls)

Dimensions: H22cm x D13cm x W14cm

Weight: 1.4kg


Price excludes handling and shipping


Water collection pot sold separately

Little Soul Forest Song

  • These pieces are designed for both inside and outside, and to be used as a planter pot. The inside of the planter is glazed so feel free to water and fertilise your plants as normal.

    Clean your ceramic sculpture by hand wiping with a damp cloth, then dry with a soft cloth. A soft wet toothbrush can assist with cleaning textured surfaces. Do not use any solvents, abrasives & synthetic chemicals, and/or treat it like ceramic tableware, as this may damage your ceramic piece.

    For outside pieces, it is normal that over time their surfaces will weather like anything that is exposed to the elements. This adds character to your piece as it lives in its natural habitat, and may become home to several little garden dwellers. Please move them on gently before cleaning.

    If cared for properly any ceramic piece will last a lot longer than we will. Handle with care. Even though they are designed to last, remember ceramic pieces will break if dropped.

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