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We are part of the earth, minerals and metals,

Where the sky and land meet.

In the blinding white sun, we burn and melt

Leaving lasting impressions from the heat.


This a handmade sculpture for inside your home.  Each piece possesses its own qualities and identity.  The surface finish and markings are unique to this piece due to the natural alchemy of the saggar firing process.  After the piece is fired, it is cleaned, gently buffed with a beeswax polish suitable for stone and ceramic surfaces to protect the surface.


Materials: Stoneware clay, terra sigillata, saggar fired.


Dimensions: H33cm x W22cm x D20cm

Weight: 2.1kg (excludes packaging)


Price excludes handling and shipping


Drought 2

  • Clean your ceramic sculpture by hand wiping with a damp cloth, then dry with a lint-free cloth. Do not use any solvents, abrasives & synthetic chemicals, and/or treat it like ceramic tableware, as this may damage your ceramic piece.

    If cared for properly any ceramic piece will last a lot longer than we will. For saggar fired pieces, be aware that the surface markings are delicate, compared to a glazed surface, and can be scratched or damaged. Handle with care. Even though they are designed to last, remember ceramic pieces will break if dropped.

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